I know, I know – donations, ugh, right? I’m not going to bombard you with constant “Please donate!” requests or hound you (thank god, right!?). Basically, you’ll really only see this if you clicked it on the menu. So, welcome to the donate page!

I’ll be honest, putting this page up was probably a longer decision than it should have been. Eventually my husband said “just do it, if someone wants to donate they at least have the option”. So fine, here it is! Hesitantly posted by my awkward self!

While donations would be thrilling (what, a writer making money!? Great Scott! *faints* [kuddos if you know where that last part comes from – and you are now one of my fav’s!]), I also know that many people are financially struggling so never, ever, ever feel bad for not donating out of pocket.

There is a an easy free way to help – just keep coming back, reading more, and sharing your feedback! And, if you’re feeling wild, you could always click on an ad (on my site, not those evil click bait sites!).


$1 Donation – Enter the Fan

Enter the Fan donation - YOU'RE AWESOME!


$5 Donation – FANtastic

FANtastic donation - YOU'RE AWESOME!