Better than a bandaid…(Part 5)

“We can’t deal with that right now, we need to get on repair and cleanup immediately.” Daf said over the Com as she stood up from her prone position and scanned the woods in front of her. There was no movement she could discern, not even a slight breeze blew to disturb the vegetation.  Daf turned towards the south wall […]

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What the fuck was that?! (Part 4)

“What?” Jonathan replied as he tossed another Molotov over the wall. “I ran out of bullets.”  Daf glanced over and rolled her eyes in exasperation before speaking over the com. “That’s a fucked-up way to kill a sentient being, Jonathan.”   “I say it’s better them than us,” Warrick called out as he handed Jonathan another Molotov.   […]

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God Damnit, Jonathan! (Part 3)

The silence that fell over the compound after the first Orc breached the woods was absolute. The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of the leaves a slight breeze caressed their surface. “Shields.” Dom said over the coms to Faye, and a few seconds later the familiar, faint purple glow surrounded the […]

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Holy what now!? (Part 2)

“I don’t have enough ammo for a shootout.” Jonathan said despondently. “Can I just toss Molotov’s at them or something?”  “With the way you shoot, of course you’ve run out.” Mattie snorted as she inspected her sniper rifle. “I told you, one shot one kill is the way to go. Also, Molotov’s? Really? We don’t need to burn down the forest, Jonathan.”  “Hey, be […]

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And so it begins…(Part 1)

The darkness barely hindered CJ’s progress. She knew this area well. She moved silently, effortlessly dodging through the trees, traps, and other items on her path to the compound. Time was short, her scouting had returned results. Dire results that needed to be shared. Anxiety coursed through her as she approached the compound. It had […]

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Twitter Adventure?

I’m on a roll! Totally inspired…I’m still working on book 2, BUT this is fuuuun so I have to do it! So, to explain – I’m going to write an adventure with my TWITTER buddies as the cast! I posted up part of it on 3/20/19, but I put it into individual tweets and naturally […]

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‘Destiny’ Part 2

  Peyton Industries Site 1; Ortega Mountains 41 minutes later Destiny Williams   I was still patting myself on the back at my record breaking packing skills as I pulled up to the gate. Everything bagged and in the car, kids buckled up, and speeding down the road within 15 minutes of my call with […]

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‘Destiny’ Part 1

Chapter One Temecula, CA Alex Peyton   I wake in a cold sweat; muscles tense and a feeling of terror slowly ebbing. I scrub my face as the nightmare slowly fades away, leaving me exhausted yet unable to sleep. I glance at the clock: 3:00 AM. Great, less than four hours sleep. Again. With a frustrated sigh I climb out of bed. I know […]

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